Try Vinyasa yoga for 35 minutes. If you are a newbie, Vinyasa is a great way to ease into yoga, as it focuses on flowing movements and breathing rather than holding poses for extended periods of time. It’s also a great way to relieve stress and tension.
TGIF! The weekend might have you craving a cocktail, but instead of reaching for a margarita, order a vodka and soda. At only 96 calories, it proves that you can still enjoy yourself while slimming down.
Jump rope for 20 minutes. Exercising with children is no easy task, but this is an activity you can do together. Get the kids outside for a jump rope contest or learn how to double Dutch!
Swap your normal potato salad for a mix of tomatoes, cucumber and onion with fat-free dressing. (via Nutrition Style)
Celebrate being one pound lighter with a 30-minute dance party! Crank up your favorite songs and break out your coolest (or most embarrassing) moves — both burn calories!
Leave behind a quarter of the food on your plate for each meal of the day or replace your typical 12-inch plate with a 10-inch size. This limits the tendency to overeat, though your body will feel just as full.
If working out isn’t your thing, try these 25 easy ways to slash 500 calories a day to experience the same results. Can’t give up your favorite snacks? Crank it up at home or in the gym with these circuit workouts to burn 500 calories in under 30 minutes.

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