Jog at a 10-minute-mile pace for 20 minutes. Can’t maintain that speed? Substitute bursts of sprints in your 20-minute walk instead.
Replace your large order of fries with a fruit-and-yogurt parfait. This is a light swap that will leave you, and your sweet side, satisfied.
Shop til you drop! Spend 1.5 hours at the mall to walk (or run, if the sales are hot) from store to store and burn an extra 11 calories for each outfit you try on. (via Health)
Resist adding cheese to your breakfast and lunch sandwiches. No matter how delicious, you can avoid any food for a single day, right?
Vacuuming and dusting may not be your favorite hobbies, but they do burn calories! Do an hour of housework to complete both your daily exercise and your chores.
Ditch the Starbucks coffee cake for a homemade raspberry vanilla coffee cake! You’ll get the same sweet satisfaction in the morning without the extra calories.

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