Overhead Tricep Extension on Stability Ball: Grab a pair of dumbbells and sit upright on a stability ball with abs in nice and tight. This move will really help to tone your upper arms, while also engaging your core. Just make sure you keep your elbows pointed toward the ceiling. For further directions click here.
Shoulder Press: While this move looks pretty simple, it will definitely sculpt those shoulders. Try not to slump as you lift your arms! Click here to see how it’s done.
Intensified Plank/Push Up: This is the perfect mix for your workout and will definitely give your arms an amazing burn.  Click here for the full set of instructions for the move.
Kneeling Triceps Extension: In order to crank up the heat, make sure that you keep your arm straight as you extend! For some more helpful hints click here.
Scorpion Push Up: Now this is a workout that will definitely leave you feeling tired, but trust us, it’s worth it!  Click here for the instructions for the move.

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