Kettlebell Renegade Row: This move will definitely add some heat to your workout by taking the regular push up, and giving it a kettlebell boost. Click here to get the full instructions for the move.
Bicep Curl: Don’t let the simplicity of this exercise fool you – it’s still going to make those biceps burn! For further instructions click here.
Resistance Band Triceps Extension: Grab the end of a resistance band and get ready! This move is sure to push those triceps to their max! Click here to find out how to properly perform this move.
Reverse Plank: It’s important to keep your legs and body straight on this move. Keep those abs nice and tight and dip as low as you can without losing your balance. For instructions on this move, click here.
Horizontal Bicep Curl: This move will really work your biceps, as long as you make sure to keep your upper arms straight and bend from the elbow. To see how it’s done click here.
Weighted Overhead Triceps Curl: Keep your elbows close to your ears throughout this exercise to enhance your posture! For more information click here. 
Kettlebell High Pull: Kettlebells are a great resource for lifting. There are all kinds of moves you can do with them, so check out our Fitness IndexFor instructions on this one, click here!
So if you’ve had about enough of spending your summers covered up in fear of your arms flying about like bat wings, give this workout a try. We promise, after a few weeks both you and your arms will be thanking us!

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