It’s no secret that as soon as summer rolls around, so do the sleeveless tops and dresses, inevitably leaving your dreaded arm jiggle wiggling around in all it’s horrifying glory. Well now it’s time to rip the tags off of those tanks and tube tops ladies, because we have the go-to moves to say goodbye to your bat wings and hello to those tight and toned arms!
Concentration Curl on Stability Ball: If multitasking comes naturally to you, you’ll love this combination of biceps and core stability! Check out how to do this move here.
Tricep Kickback: This move can be a little tricky if you don’t work your triceps often. Just be sure you’ve picked out the right amount of weight to really challenge yourself! Click here for the full instructions on this move.

15 Fabulous Moves for Flab-less Arms
Image Via : SkinnyMom

Dumbbell Front + Lateral Raise: This move will really sculpt those shoulders! Make sure your arms are extended as straight as possible for the best results. Click here for full directions!

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