6. Spice up Lemon Juice:
Although in the morning, you would have bare lemon juice with warm water, you may have extra glass of lemon juice late in the day after addition of certain fat burning elements. You may have it next to lunch or in the sunset. First of all take lemon juice, honey, and pepper powder to a warm water and mix well. Take this lemon juice once or twice each day.

7. Eat Almonds:
This is also known as one of the best super food which fights from almonds. Almonds are high in fats- the good fats. How do almonds then reduce belly fat? It is because they are also a powerhouse of essential nutrients like magnesium, protein, Vitamin E and fiber! Fibers are good not only for ingestion but also to bounce you the feeling of fullness which stays you from overeating.

Steep 6-8 almonds in water overnight. Have them main thing in the morning. On the other hand, if you are taking lemon water first thing in the morning, wait for around 30-40 minutes earlier having soaked almonds.
Use them in salads, stir fries etc.
Snack on almonds when feeling hungry.

8. Eat raw garlic:
Chew two to three cloves of garlic each morning, and drink a glass of lemon water after that. This behavior will double up your weight loss procedure and create your blood movement flat in your body.

9. Cucumber:
Cucumber is an exceptional fat burning food! Cucumbers have amusing content of two trace minerals- sulphur and silicon. These trace minerals may be the reason why cucumbers prickle fat. When you mix cucumbers with lemon, it becomes a super food for burning fat as lemons superbly boost metabolism and their great acidic content benefits in breaking down the fat. Have this very low-calorie food entitled cucumber broadly during the day.

Move cucumber with you anywhere you go- office, college or such ordered places where you need to pass lengthier periods. Eats on these cucumbers when you feel hungry.
Add a vessel of sliced cucumbers with your breakfast.
Have cucumber salad daily with lunch. Enhance a dash of lemon juice, salt or vinegar, pepper and some herbs plus olive oil to style it a tasty treat.

10. Exercise:
Performing the ball exchange exercise three to four times a week will benefit you to keep a smooth belly for life. This has to be fixed with proper and nourishing diet. You can also perform a cardio Exercise with Boxing for four to five times a week to keep your body weight as well as crunch your abs and to drop belly fat quicker. Both the exercises help to burn more calories from your abdomen.
I hope you find this article very beneficial as well as informative. Stay fit!

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