2. Alkalize the body
Having an over acid body can lead to low level chronic inflammation in the tissues throughout your body and organs. This can slow down the process and function and also possibly lead to disease.
Although you’d probably think of lemons as being acidic, they actually have the opposite effect and are incredibly alkalizing. When your body has a more stable pH balance it helpreduce inflammation and will generally function better, keeping your immune system in good shape and helping to ward off disease.
3. Cleanse & detoxify the liver

The liver is an amazing organ and is responsible for processing all the nutrients we eat and then shipping them out to the various parts of our body. It also helps to process the toxins we constantly bombard our bodies with. This lemon drink helps to cleanse toxins out of the liver and also stimulates function to help more effective and efficient processing of nutrients, including increasing fat metabolism.
4. Aid digestion & cleansing of the colon
This little magic drink greatly helps with the stimulation of digestive enzymes throughout your gut and helps promote healthy gut bacteria. There are thousands of these enzymes and bacteria working hard to digest your food effectively so giving them a helping hand is a very beneficial thing. It also helps to assist with better elimination by stimulating the bowel. So if you suffer from constipation it can be a great help too.
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