87. As an all- natural baby lotion
88. When combined with sugar can be used as a body scrub.
89. As a cheekbone highlighter (applied on cheekbones over makeup)
90. Can help reduce the appearance of cellulite
91. Can help with leg cramps. You should apply it on the legs and consume it internally
92. As a, all-natural and non-toxic flea treatment


93. Can help you keep your shower clean
94. Keep your wooden furniture and flatware in excellent condition by conditioning them with coconut oil
95. Polish bronze- it cleans and deepen the color of your bronze
96. To lubricate guitar strings
97. Clean and condition your leather cloths with coconut oil (but first, it’s best to test this on a small area)
98. As a lubricant on small motors of your electronic or kitchen appliances
99. As a lubricant for scissors when cutting sticky foods
100. For seasoning a cast iron pan
101. To give your plant’s leafs all-natural shine
102. As snowboard wax
103. Removes chewing gum from your hair, your carpet or anywhere else where it doesn’t belong
Coconut oil is beneficial for pets
104. Improves breath
105. Makes hair shiny
106. Alleviates joint problems
107. Promotes the healing of cuts, bytes or dry skin problems
108. Improves digestion
109. Prevents and treats yeast and fungal infections
110. To treat ear infections
111. Great for general wellness for cats and dogs
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