46. To prevent nosebleed. Generally the reason for nosebleed is dry irritated nostrils. With your finger gently apply coconut oil to the inside of your nose to prevent dry nostrils and nosebleed
47. To treat lies
48. As an all-natural and safe lubricant
49. Topically to relieve the pain of hemorrhoids
50. Promotes vitamin and nutrient absorption
51. To sooth heartburn or nausea
52. To help cleans the body during a detox
53. Aromatherapy
54. Can improve sleep if consumed daily
Beauty and Skin Care
55. Prevents stretch marks during pregnancy
56. To soften and moisturize dry, rough or damaged skin
57. As an all-natural antibacterial skin cream
58. To avoid burning by increasing your sun tolerance
59. Soothe sunburns. It will calm and moisturize the skin to help minimize the peeling.
60. To heal burns. It should be applied to burn site immediately after burning and constantly until completely healed
61. On new tattoos. It will decrease the chance of infection and hasten the healing process
62. To soften and deodorize the feet. Since it has antibacterial properties it will deodorize the feet as it softens.
63. As a facial scrub, when mixed with baking soda
64. Smoothes wrinkles and shrink pores
65. As an eye-make up remover
66. It has beneficial effect on lightening age spots when rubbed directly on the skin
67. To alleviate the symptoms of dandruff and itching
68. Can be used as lip balm, moisturizes and protects the lips
69. Can be used as regenerator. It maintains, strengthens and repairs the hair
70. It‘s really good for shaving cream
71. As an aftershave. It soothes sensitive skin and helps with razor bumps
72. As one of the ingredients in making homemade deodorant
73. Reduces dark circles under eyes
74. As an all- natural SPF 4 sunscreen
75. In preparation of homemade toothpaste
76. As an all-natural antibacterial skin cream
77. In homemade lotion recipes
78. As an eyelash strengthener
79. As an intensive nighttime facial moisturizer
80. As a nipple cream for breastfeeding. It sooths irritation
81. In homemade soups
82. As natural deodorant by itself
83. Reduces the itch of insect bytes
84. To trigger hair growth (it should be rubbed on the scalp daily)
85. As a hair gel or defrizzer
86. As a pre shampoo treatment for hair

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