With the increase in the number of people becoming overweight and obese today, more and more people are looking for ways to burn more calories faster. Running is a good way to burn calories and lose weight and a large number of people have found that running does really help them get rid of the extra pounds. While running is convenient and does not require any equipment apart from a good pair of running shoes, there are many other exercises which can really help you burn more calories. Here’s a look at some of the exercises that burn more calories than running.
1. Cycling
Whether you cycle on the road or on a stationary bike, you burn more calories than running. Depending on your resistance and speed, you will be able to burn about 480 calories in an hour. You can even consider taking indoor cycling classes to lose weight faster.
2. Jet skiing
When you take part in water sports such as jet skiing, you burn about 390 calories in an hour. According to experts, water sports engage your hamstrings, core, quads and upper body because you are required to keep your body upright and maintain a constant balance. Jet skiing helps burn more calories than horse riding.
3. Jumping rope
Jumping rope is a popular childhood playground game. But did you know that it can actually help you burn lots of calories. Depending on the intensity and pace of your workout, you can burn close to 670 calories in an hour. To get the best results, aim for about 100 jumps in a minute.
4. Rowing
Rowing may not sound like an effective workout, but it can really help you get rid of body fat fast. When you row, you make use of both your arms and your legs and at high intensity, it is possible to burn about 680 calories.
5. Boxing
Another exercise that can help you burn more calories than running is boxing. Although the activity does not look fierce, it gives the entire body a thorough workout and you end up burning more than 700 calories in an hour. However, if you want to try something less intimidating, then you can join kickboxing classes and burn close to 580 calories per session.
6. Swimming
Another exercise where you make use of your whole body is swimming. Swimming is a hobby for most people and at moderate pace, it can help you burn around 500 calories. But, the number of calories you burn actually depends on your style of swimming. For example, you can burn more calories with breaststroke than backstroke.
7. Running upstairs
This may not be the best exercise for many people, but running upstairs can be very effective when it comes to losing weight fast. In fact, it can help you burn at least 290 more calories than running on the ground. So if you live in an apartment, consider taking the stairs than the lift.
8. Dancing
Dancing is a great hobby and it is fun too. While you have fun dancing, you can burn a lot of calories. Whether you dance in a club, in your bedroom or practice in a dance hall, you can easily burn up to 440 calories an hour depending on the form of dancing you choose.
8 Exercises That Burn More Calories Than Running

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