Metabolism is very important as this ensures that your body has energy to perform your regular activities. This process does not just happen automatically. The body needs to be fed with foods that will initiate this process and also boost the process in the long run. Low fat foods combined with regular exercise increases the metabolism process. Eventually this would lead to losing weight and benefit those that have such goals in mind. Below are top 10 foods that would escalate the metabolism process:
1. Green tea
Time has come that you stopped taking coffee or black tea. Green tea is the most recommended tea that will help in improving your metabolism process. Research conducted on green tea proves that it contains thermogenic properties. This will help in the oxidation of fats that you digest. This implies that by enhancing the metabolism process, calories would be dealt with efficiently.
2. Apples
Often you have heard the adage that goes ‘an apple day keeps the doctor away.’ This is very true considering the nutritional values that apples have on us. First, they have low calorie content in them. Secondly, they are an excellent source of fiber. Therefore, eating apples will keep your hunger at bay for hours. Regular intake of apples helps in the prevention of metabolic syndrome (a condition of having excess accumulation of abdominal fat, diabetes and heart related ailments).
3. Yogurt (low fat)
Yogurt falls under the family of fermented foods. This is an essential food due to its beneficial bacteria that it carries. This bacteria is of importance to the gut as it helps during digestion by ensuring that secretion of mucus is possible. Also, yogurt is an excellent source of calcium and protein. It is important to ensure that the yogurt you take home is completely fat free. Avoid the flavored versions since they contain a lot on sugar content.
4. Celery
Concerns have been raised concerning ingestion of celery more so to those that do not want to take in a lot of calories. To some extent this is true. But on the bright side, this food can be used when planning to reduce weight since it contains a lot of water and cellulose that is not digestible. This implies that by taking it, chances are that you would not eat a lot during the day. It simply maintains a stable appetite.
5. Cinnamon
This should certainly not miss as part of your diet since it is regarded as a sugar stabilizer in the body. Studies conducted have proven that 1 teaspoon of cinnamon digested along with dessert regulates blood sugar levels. As a matter of fact, this food is still under study on whether it can be used as an alternative treatment for diabetes (type 2).
6. Whole grains
Foods that contain substantial amounts of fiber are known to take long before they are digested fully. This means that metabolism process is increased as a result since foods have thermic effect. Foods that have got high fiber content include: oats, brown rice, barley and quinoa. If you are opting to shop for packed foods then ensure that they are labeled with wordings such as ‘whole grains.

6 Foods That Help Boost Metabolism
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