31. Drink Water

Not only staying well hydrated is vital for good performance and optimal health, drinking plenty of water can also help you eat less and shed weight fast.
According to study, drinking water before a meal can assist with weight loss and portion control. Consuming plenty of foods that score high on water, like most vegetables and some fruits, can help you feel fuller for longer, helping ward off unhealthy eating and cravings.
Plus, according to study, drinking cold water can also speed up metabolism and hinder cravings for sugar beverages like soda and juice.
Action Step
Stay well hydrated throughout the day and make sure to gulp in at least a glass of water before you sit for a meal

32. Eat Natural and Real food all times

Consuming highly processed foods is a big contributing factor to weight gain. So when it comes to the foods you eat, get as close to nature as possible and opt for a diet filled with natural, nutrient dense foods.
When you consume this kind of natural, and unprocessed foods, you will be providing your body with more nutrients and other valuable ingredients, which means it will be well fed and fulfilled longer.
Action Step
Eat clean at all times. This means opting for foods that are minimally processed. The more natural, the better. Opt for foods that rich with nutrients such as vegetables, fruits and healthy protein like fish, chicken and bean at every meal.

33. Eat plenty of Eggs

I think that eggs are an eggs-ellent choice. Here are some reasons why. According to study,people who eat eggs on a regular basis lost more weight and had slimmer waistline than those who didn’t. In fact, having eggs with breakfast has been shown to reduce hunger and food intake, compared to breakfast containing bagels, according to study.
Eggs are full with lean, satiating protein that will keep you feeling full for longer. And that’s not the end of story. Eggs have many benefits that go beyond weight loss. They score high on choline—key dietary nutrient and other valuable nutrients. They also score high on healthy fats and lecithin.
Action Step
Add eggs to your meals—especially breakfast. Two to three whole eggs a day should be enough.

34. Have a Cheat Day

You shouldn’t be expecting perfection from yourself—especially when you are tackling a hard and elusive issue like weight loss. Therefore, you should really loosen up from time to time and have a cheat day.
Please keep in mind that having cravings is OK as long as you don’t let them control you and state your diet terms. Acknowledge your cravings and pick a time of the week to satisfy them without compromising your resolution. As long as you are making a conscious choice, you are in a good place.
Action Step
Pick one time block a week, preferably a Sunday evening, and relax your strict dietary rules. Go at it and eat whatever you want. Satisfy all of your cravings and desire.

35. Make your Diet Public

There is nothing more scary and humiliating than the prospect of public disapproval. Therefore, to have leverage on yourself, make your diet public by telling as many people as you can about the healthy choices you are intending to make.
Not only that, by telling your spouse, friends, family members and coworkers about your diet goals, you will increase your accountability, and even get some support. It’s really motivating when you know that your close social circle is waiting on you and you don’t want to fail them down.
Action Step
Take your weight loss goals and broadcast them via social media websites like Facebook and Twitter. I strongly urge you also to post “before and after progress pictures”, as well as your daily eating menus, and workouts. Write also about some of the inner demons, frustrations and problems you are facing.

36. Ease the Stress

Stress and fat gain go hand in hand. If you’re stressed all the time, your body goes through a catabolic (or breakdown) phase, making it harder to burn fat or add muscle mass. On the other hand, if your body is well recovered—especially between hard workouts— you burn fat more efficiently and add muscle mass easily. That’s what’s known as the anabolic (or building) phase. Why Zebras Don’t Get Ulcers is an awesome read that delves deep into the devastating effects of stress.
Action Step
Prevent exercise-related stress by incorporating the right recovery strategies such as ample sleep, nutritious diet, plenty of rest between each workout. Plus, try also to eliminate other stress-triggers from your life, especially relationship conflicts, work-related stress, and the notorious “grey-zone”.

37. Eliminate Distraction

Nowadays we live in a world full with distractions. Our attention is being pulled to all direction at all times. We can’t stop texting, chatting, surfing the net, and seems like we are attached to our cell phones, laptops, etc. And this attachment is taking a toll on our waistline. However, if you are serious about your weight loss effort—exercise and diet wise—you have to give it your full attention and focus.
Action Step
Next time you sit for a meal or go for a workout, toss your phone away, turn off the TV and get your mind focused on the task at hand.

38. Use the Glycemic Index

Over the years, the Glycemic index has proven itself a practical tool for me. In fact, according to research, opting for a diet that’s low on carbs, not fat, is the best way to shed weigh and keep it off for good.
And the Glycemic index is a really useful ranking tool to help you judge which food should stay on your menu and which should go. Foods ranking high on the Glycemic index—over 70—are usually loaded with sugars and starch—think rice, potatoes, bread, pasta, flour-based food, and most processed foods. Therefore, since they score high on sugar, they boost blood sugar level quickly after consuming them, triggering a signal that floods your body with insulin, leading to hunger pangs and other health issues.
Action Step
Avoid any food that ranks above 70 on the glycemic index, making veggies and greens the bulk of your menu, and eating fruits in moderation.

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