7. Customize Your Cosmetics
Turn any of your favorite loose pigments into cream eye shadow or blush by mixing them with Vaseline. You can also make a tinted lip balm this way.
8. As Clear Mascara
If you’re embracing the no-makeup look, trade in your mascara for Vaseline. Smooth it over your lashes for a fuller set of dark, glossy eyelashes. Bonus tip: Vaseline also makes a great lash conditioner.
9. Polish Shoes
Scuffed shoes? Buff a little Vaseline onto boots, shoes, bags, and any other leather goods that need polishing. 

10. Achieve the Perfect Tan
Use a small amount of Vaseline on dry spots before applying self-tanner. It will act as a barrier, preventing streaks and stains in areas it would otherwise cling to. Apply it around the hairline before applying at-home color to prevent hair dye stains too.
11. As a Gentle Eye Makeup Remover
Makeup remover can be expensive and tough on your eyes. Vaseline is an inexpensive option that easily and gently removes eyeliner, mascara, shadow, and even any eyelash glue that your falsies leave behind. 
12. Help Stubborn Studs Glide In
If you don’t wear earrings very often, those holes can become troublesome. Rub Vaseline over your ear lobes and the earring first to help it slide in painlessly. Vaseline also takes off stuck-on rings.
13. Make a DIY Scrub
Dry lips? Add a bit of sugar to your Vaseline to make your own lip scrub. Or mix it with sea salt, and use the mixture in the shower as a body scrub with moisturizing benefits.
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