The Tummy Toning Workout
Time to tone those tummies!! Fire up those abs and complete this workout as a as a circuit, moving from one exercise to the next without rest. Repeat this 1-3 times depending on your fitness level.

  • Roll Ups – Lay back reaching your arms and legs away from each other. Pull your belly to your spine as you peel yourself off your towel, slow and controlled, lifting all the way up and over to your toes. Sit up tall reaching your arms forward before SLOWLY rolling back down. It’s a lot harder than you think when you do it right! Repeat 15 times.
  • Tummy Toners – This is another #LiveFitFavorite! Start with both hands behind your head, but don’t pull at your neck! Twist your upper body to the right and bring your RIGHT knee in to your chest. Slowly switch to the other side! GO SLOW! It’s much harder that way! Complete 30 repetitions total.
  • Lower Belly Blasters – Lay on your back with your hands by your sides. Reach your legs up to the sky as straight as your can. Use your lower belly to lift your hips straight up into the sky and SLOWLY lower your hips back down to the towel. Make sure to do 15 repetitions nice and slow.
  • Tock-Tock Obliques – Lay on your back with your arms out to the side and your legs reaching up to the sky. Make sure to keep both shoulders on the ground as you let your legs drop to the RIGHT. Now use your LEFT oblique muscles to bring your legs back up to the center. Repeat to the other side and complete 20 repetitions total.
  • Waist Widdlers – Sit up and balance on your tailbone with your feet off the ground and glued together. Keep your chest lifted and your back nice and straight. With your hands together, twist from your spine to the RIGHT, use those obliques to twist back to center and all the way to the LEFT. Repeat 20 repetitions total.

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