Treat Yo' Self
“Everyone feels awesome when they get a new pair of jeans with a perfect fit or a new dress with a special flare. Set a target goal for the month of hitting the gym three times a week. Going three times a week, indulging in just 30 minutes of cardio and weight training will help you get started on your fitness goals. Once you hit your target of three times a week for the month, take a shopping trip and reward yourself with those skinny jeans or little black dress. Work hard so you'll earn the rewards!" — Xio Colon, Fitness Manager at CRUNCH Hoboken

Turn Working Out Into an Event
“Instead of making a date for drinks with friends, make a date to go to the gym. Find a class that sounds appealing or share a trainer with your friend(s) — celebrate by grabbing a drink together afterward! Going to the gym guarantees some awesome conversation over drinks as well!” — Marion Roaman, Co-Founder of Peloton

Have a Fitness Plan
"If possible, sign up for your workouts in advance. It’s easy to ditch your workout to stay in bed or for a last minute happy hour. Signing yourself up holds you accountable — you’re more likely to stick with your workout plans when your time and/or money has already been invested." — Chris Tracey, Master Instructor at Flywheel 

12 tips for getting in shape (and keeping it up!)
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