Having short lashes is not a tragedy when there are so many tricks and ways to make them look longer and not only that, but even grow longer. You can try out this homemade mascara and see the benefic results of it on your lashes. Only natural ingredients will nourish and protect the structure of the lashes making them more resistant and strong.
Amazing Tip For Long Lashes – DIY

You will need:
– mascara wand (take an old one and clean it);
– container;
– castor oil;
– vitamin E oil;

– aloe vera gel.

Directions: Take the container and mix the ingredients (castor oil, vitamin E oil, aloe vera gel). As quantity, the ingredients need to be in equal parts.  Mix and shake well, then with the help of the mascara wand apply it to you lower and upper lashes with a frequency of one application per day before going to sleep. You will feel the immediate results from the first use and amazing changes with time. 

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