6/7 Drink Water — Lots of It
Once a soda fiend, Lorann Brown (who successfully lost 91 pounds) went from drinking no water at all to drinking about 150 ounces — or about 18 cups — per day. “Now, you’ll hardly ever see me without my water bottle,” she says. And she’s not alone: Kimbro, also a former soda addict, completely replaced her daily 12-pack with water before she shed half her body weight. Guzzling more H2O is one of Preston’s number one tips for shedding pounds: "I swear by this," Preston says. "If you think you drank enough water today, drink one more glass!” Not only does water protect the brain, aid in digestion, and help the body eliminate waste, but people often mistake dehydration for hunger, which can lead to overeating.

7/7 Think Beyond the Gym
People who have shed pounds know that exercise isn’t reserved for only one time or location — it’s something that’s integrated into a daily routine. “When exercise becomes a part of your schedule, it makes it much more enjoyable and it’s easier to lose the weight,” says Nick Guile, who used games on Wii Fit and daily walks to lose 130 pounds. Lugger swapped sitting down for a full hour at lunch for 30- to 45-minute walks around the neighborhood, while Preston took long walks with friends, played Zumba games on her Wii, and tried new exercise videos on YouTube. “Believe it or not, I still don’t have a gym membership,” Preston says. “At the very least, I try and walk a minimum of three miles a day.”  First Page 

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