We all need a little extra help to make our hair a little healthier. These 5 tips are things that you should definitely stay away from to help your look and feel better!

The 5 Biggest Hair No-No’s

Washing your hair everyday- Since I have stopped doing this, I have probably noticed the biggest difference in my hair over any other serum or mask I do.  Washing kills.  I have fairly dry hair, and now that I am out of the habit, I can go like 4 days (don’t judge) without washing it before it gets looking gnarly.  On the fifth day, I can get away with a ponytail, (but I wouldn’t let you smell it:) he he.  This is easier for some and harder for others.  If you have oily follicles, there are things that can help you not look oily, so you don’t have to wash it everyday.

Burn, baby, burn!  It is sooo hard to keep away from the heat, but to preserve your hair, you have to.  When you have to heat it up, do it sparingly.  Whenever possible, let your hair air dry.  Use other methods for curls like sock buns, hair twists, and braids.  When you have to use a flat iron, get a high quality flat iron and do not hold the flat iron in one spot for very long at all.  If possible, keep the heat away from the ends, as they are the most fragile area of your hair.
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