We're willing to bet money on the fact that effortless, laid-back waves will never go out of style. Beach waves are one of the rare trends that surpasses trendiness and becomes a beauty stalwart as a go-to look for stars and civilians alike. This probably has more than a little to do with the fact that they're super-easy to create and achievable for almost every hair type. Behold, our seven favorite ways to get those coveted beach waves. 

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1. Naturally Wavy: Start With The Right Haircut
For women with medium-textured hair with a wave, achieving the beachy Gisele Bündchen look is all about the cut. “If your hair's not layered the right way, it won't curl the right way,” says celebrity hair stylist and John Frieda International Creative Consultant Harry Josh, who’s been Gisele’s mane man for years. Layers should be concentrated around the face, leaving the back almost one length. He recommends using a round brush on front layers to get subtle movement at the ends.

2. Naturally Wavy: Spray and Crunch
If your hair has a natural wave, apply a sea salt spray, like John Masters Organics Sea Mist Sea Salt Spray, to towel-dried hair just below the roots and an inch above the tips. Scrunch and let air dry. 

3. Naturally Wavy: 
Add Texture and Moisture If you normally have dry hair, skip the salt spray (which can be drying) and try Bumble and bumble Hair (Un) Dressing Créme, which adds texture and moisture to hair. Apply to towel-dried hair, scrunch and air dry or blow dry with a diffuser for undone waves.

 4. Naturally Straight:
 Sleep on Tight Curls With straight, fine hair, you need to use a curling iron for that unkempt texture. “I recommend using a tiny curling iron [1/2-inch], curling your hair really tight, and then going to bed,” says Josh. “And then when you wake up you'll have a good, natural-looking curl where you don't see the curling iron lines or the marks of the curling iron.” 

5. Naturally Straight: 
Curl with a Flat Iron You can get a similarly beachy look by using a flat iron, like CHI Air Expert Classic Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron. Take a one-inch section of hair, clamping a few inches below the root and slowly pull the iron down, rotating it in a half-way turn. While rotating, bring the straightener down the strand. Curl random sections of hair, each in different directions for an imperfect finish.

6. Naturally Straight: Crimp With A 3-Barrel Curling Iron
If you’re not a whiz with styling tools, take the guesswork out with the Bed Head Wave Artist Deep Waver, whose iron is shaped like a wave. Place a section of hair in the iron for five seconds and release. Continue down the strand for all over waves.

7. Straight or Wavy: Wear a Bun to Bed

No time in the morning for curlers or product? Prep your waves at night by twisting into buns. On damp, towel-dried hair, separate into either large or small sections (depending on your preferred wave size). In the morning, release for haphazard waves. Brush through with your fingertips, adding sea salt spray for added texture if desired.

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