Don’t pay for expensive oil blotting sheets. You have a cheap alternative right in your kitchen! Keep some coffee filters in your purse and car for removing excess oil throughout the day.
Apply foundation to your lips before applying lipstick. It acts as a primer for richer color. Make sure you smile when you apply it to get the foundation in the cracks of your lips.
Afraid you’ll be caught with lipstick on your teeth? After applying lipstick, pop your finger in your mouth and pull it back out to pick up any excess.
Exfoliate your legs before shaving them to bring those tiny hairs out of their follicles. You’ll end up shaving less!

Speaking of shaving your legs, you may get a nick or two now and then. Stop the bleeding and promote healing by applying a clear lip balm. If it works on men’s faces, it should work on your legs, too.
To set your lipstick, cover your lips with a tissue and lightly dust transluscent powder of the tissue.
Keep an extra nail polish brush on hand, and dip it in nail polish remover to get the perfect manicure.
Dark polishes can leave your nails looking dull and dirty. Rub lemon and baking soda overstained nails to make them white again.

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