4/7 Ditch the Scale When You Need To

Weighing in once a week can be a helpful tool to gauge your progress, but stepping on the scale too frequently can drive you crazy. “Try not to focus on the number on the scale too much,” says Noelia Beatriz Trujillo, who lost 43 pounds. “If I’m getting stronger and lifting more weight and my clothes are fitting better, that number on the scale could even go up a little and it wouldn’t be a bad thing.” When Pamela Kimbro, who dropped 150 pounds, hit the inevitable plateaus that come with weight loss, she put the scale away: “I only weighed myself every two weeks so that I wouldn’t stress over minor fluctuations,” she says. “I focused more on how my clothes were fitting than the number on the scale.”

5/7 Focus on the Finish Line
Another thing successful dieters know: You need to learn how to deal with minor setbacks along the way. At the beginning of her weight-loss journey Hannah Preston, who lost 110 pounds, would let one bad week completely destroy her motivation. “It was all a mind game, and it took some getting used to,” she says. “I trained myself to not record every pound I lost or gained. It sounds counter-productive, but it was so important to look at the bigger picture. You don’t need to count every pound. Base your success on how you feel.” Your energy levels, an increase in time or distance when exercising, and how your clothes are fitting are all great indicators of the progress you're making. Continue Reading  >> Page 3

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