Ever wondered how to get rid of that back fat? Here are five best exercises and acts that will get you singing glory hallelujah. But remember the prone exercise is dedication and commitment. Enjoy!

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1.      Watch what you eat
As it has been said for all fat related problems, diet is the leading cause of excess and unwanted fat in the body. Junk and food with high amount of calories should be greatly avoided. Food rich in fibre and lean protein is rather recommended.

2.      Focus on toning
This are exercises that target a specific area on the body. For example exercise with weights and machines. An example of such exercise is a bent over upper back; hold weight and bend over by your hips. Arms at shoulder height, hold for 40 seconds and repeat ten times.

3.      Cardiovascular exercises
These include walking, swimming, riding a bicycle. These immensely burn down calories. They sound simple but they have a great effect. These help for all body fats including back fat.

4.      Use of Dumbbells
As they say, start small; don’t over strain yourself with these weights. One of the best dumbbell exercises are the shoulder presses. Hold a dumbbell in each hand by ear height. Now extend the hands up to full stretch above your head and lower back down to ear level and repeat this 10 times. It helps immensely with upper back fat.

5.      Bras

Another leading cause of back fat is the bra. Whether it has a big band size, it is skimpy, or you are wearing it wrongly. Therefore a fitting bra with a medium sized band is highly recommended. Make sure you a wearing it the right way.
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