Last year when I gave up soda and sugary beverages, I started the Drinking Water Lose Weight method. Many people have asked over that time how I did it and what was my secret. There isn’t any secret  it is simply understanding how Drinking Water Lose Weight. It doesn’t require money, fancy equipment, or a lot of time just simple changes in what you are doing. Keep reading below for  simple tips and take advantage of our FREE Printable to help you keep track of the water you drink.


The main thing to focus on is drinking  8 – 8 oz glasses of water daily. Before you say there is no way with our other tips on Drinking Water Lose Weight method you will find it is not as hard as it seems.
Drink water in place of sugary beverages, sodas, sports drinks, smoothies and juices.
If you feel hungry, drink a glass of water before eating. Many times dehydration masks itself as hunger because we do get fluids from food.
Even when you are not thirsty drink water. This will ensure you stay hydrated and focused and less likely to snack. 
Drink Cold Water instead of lukewarm water to speed up your metabolism to warm up your body from the cold water.
If you have a drink of alcohol, drink the same amount of water. This water does not count towards your daily minimum you should be drinking. Read more

Drinking Water Lose Weight
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