Day 1
Workout – Start off the 30 day program with our Absolute Beginner’s Workout – Part 1. Learning the basic movements and getting your muscles used to the work load will help set the tone for the next 29 days.

Clean Eating – As you start your workout plan, changing your eating habits will make all the difference in supporting each workout. Use The Ultimate Clean Eating Grocery List- 50 Foods to start choosing healthier choices.

Day 2
Workout – This is your first rest day. Day one of a workout may not feel exhausting initially but it can take a lot out of you. Reflect on what felt good versus what felt uncomfortable on the first day. And strive to work harder the next time.

Clean Eating – Slow cooker meals are a staple of the Skinny Ms. meal plan. Try our 73 Best Healthy Slow Cooker Recipes and fall in love with slow cooking. If you don’t own a slow cooker, choose from our selection. There is a large variety that guarantees one that will suit every need.

Day 3
Workout – Today’s workout is body part specific. Our gluteal muscles are the largest muscles on our body. The more developed muscle you have, the more fat you’ll burn. Use our Beginner’s Butt Blasting Workout as a guide to start toning and shaping your rear.

Day 4
Workout – Rest

Clean Eating – Snacks help to ensure that we continuously feel satiated, which helps us to avoid unnecessary eating. These 50 Clean Eating Snacks will help control your eating, and provide your body with healthy options.

Day 5
Workout – Today you can stay at home and get your workout in the convenience of your living room. Slim, sleek, and sexy abs take work and dedication. Use our At Home Beginner Ab Routine to start on the path to a flat belly.

Tip – Getting a flat belly takes more than just exercise. Use our 21 Flat Belly Tips to get you started on whittling your waist.
30-Day Get in Shape Training Plan for Beginners
Day 6
Workout – Rest

Day 7
Workout – After focusing on body specific workouts, it’s time to jump back into a full body routine. Our Absolute Beginner’s Workout – Part 2 follows the same basics as part 1. Finish your first full week strong!

Day 8
Workout – Fat blasting workouts are a great way to burn calories and slim down. The Beginner’s 4 Minute Fat Blaster Workout is designed to push your body in a short period of time to get amazing results.

Clean Eating – As you start the second week, it’s time to add more variety to your diet. 50 Superfoods – The Ultimate Shopping List provides you with a list of foods that offer beneficial nutrients to your body and go beyond the basics of every day nutrition.

Day 9
Workout – If you’re ever short on time, total body workouts are the way to go. Our Total Body Workout for Beginners gets every muscle group involved and is set at a steady pace to keep your heart pumping through it all.

Day 10
Workout – A strong core is essential in making every workout twice as effective. Beginner’s Flat Abs Workout – Plus Core Strengthening will build your abs and lower back, leading to stronger pushes and movements in other exercises.

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