1. Drink green tea to boost your metabolism.
2. Set your alarm an hour earlier to squeeze in a morning workout.
3. Find time to meditate — it will help you focus and relax.
4. Drink a glass of water to help clear your skin.
5. Ditch late-night carbs to lose weight; save them for breakfast instead.
6. Do a short yoga sequence to de-stress and relieve anxiety.
7. Eat salmon (or other omega-3-rich foods) for dinner to help lower the risk of developing breast cancer.
8. Try preparing overnight oats for a grab-and-go healthy breakfast.
9. Sip on a glass of wine to reduce the risk of heart attack and increase bone strength.
10. Pack a gym bag so you’re ready to start your workout in the morning.
11. Slow down your dinner; eating quickly can stop you from realizing when you’re really full.
12. Pack healthy snacks so you don’t give in to junk-food cravings at work tomorrow.
13. Prep for sleep earlier than usual to wake up with ease. 

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