11 Five Minute Professional Hairstyles
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1. French Braid Bun: This two-in-one hairstyle is for the days you want to have a pulled back look with a little side flair.

2. Low Rolled Updo: This chic librarian style is made by making an old school topsy tail and then continuing to pull the pony through it.

3. Triangle Bobby Half Up: We used to hide bobby pins. Now the trend is to show them off. All you need are three bobby pins and a few seconds time!

4. Crown of Braids: Whether long or short, curly or straight, this headband style is sure to look beautiful.

5. High Ponytail: Upgrade your pony by giving it some height and covering up the tie. It’s a soft and simple look for any outfit.

6. Twisted Updo: This twisted and tucked style looks lovely on naturally curly hair. It’s a little more difficult than the others but worth the effort for an extra special day.

7. Beachy Side Braid: Take a tip from LC, and create this one-sided French braid by continuing to grab hair from one side as you braid.

8. Multi-Braided Half Updo: This is so creative. Make two different braids (French and fishtail), which then become a bun … mind blown!

9. Half Up Knot: Knots is a big trend in hair. Your tot can even help out with this one!

10. Tuck and Cover: This is our favorite style because you get two for one! Twist your hair around a headband. That’s it! Be sure to sleep on it overnight, and when you take it out the next day, you will have pretty waves.

11. Twisted Top Knot: Up your top knot game by adding a braid. Bonus: the braid will add extra volume to the hairstyle. Read More

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