Stylish Studded Military Jacket for Women features full length sleeves, beautiful studded design and a gorgeous full length zipper. 

Stylish Studded Military Jacket for Women
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2 comments to ''Stylish Studded Military Jacket for Women"

  1. Do you know of anywhere this is for sale? Or do you know the brand? I have tried and tried to find a website with it for sale but have had no luck!

  2. The brand is White Crow. It is the Angeline military jacket. (Note- On the White Crow site I think it only comes in Camo print, but if you find it on the J. Tompson site it comes in plain green. Also- I think it's not available or not made anymore-that would explain why it was so hard to find! Because it's out of stock on J. Tompson and I don't think you can order on the White Crow site?)
    Anyway, hope this helps! :)